1:1 Readiness Rubric

Transforming 1:1 PedagogyBeginning TransformativeEarly TransformativeActive TransformativeInnovative Transformative
Vision1:1 VisionSee limited value for 1:1 UseRecognises the potential for 1:1 in teaching and learningShares vision for all aspects of 1:1 for teaching and learningEnacts shared vision. Sees 1:1 as a catalyst for transforming teaching and learning
Approach and Ethics1:1 ApproachSeeks advice and assistance to adopt a 1:1 programConfident to commence 1:1 program with supportActively developing, supporting and promoting 1:1 programsEnabling/empowering others(peers and staff) to be innovative with 1:1 programs
1:1 EthicsAware of ethical dimensions of 1:1 programsApplies ethical principles to 1:1 programsSupports colleagues to understand and comply with ethical principles of 1:1 programsDevelop policies that apply ethical and moral standards for 1:1 teaching and learning programs
Classroom 1:1 Integration1:1 Classroom PracticeIncidental 1:1 opportunities for teachers and learnersScheduled access to a 1:1 programUnlimited access to a 1:1 program for teachers and learnersUnilateral access to innovative 1:1 teaching and learning environments and programs
1:1 Pedagogical Purpose1:1 pedagogical purpose not clear1:1 pedagogical purpose limited1:1 pedagogical purpose known and agreed1:1 pedagogical purpose fully enacted
1:1 Planning1:1 program has limited planning1:1 program follows a clear planned sequence1:1 plan is linked to whole school strategy1:1 planning strategy enables innovative teaching and learning programs
1:1 ResourcesApps are limited to games and basic recall activities. App selection process adhoc.Apps are multifunctional. App selection process exists.Apps are selected for their versatility and educational functionality. Sound processes exist for selecting and integrating apps.Apps are selected for their educational functionality to enrich the teaching and learning process. Excellent processes exist for selection of app resources.
1:1 Classroom ManagementSome scheduled, teacher directed use of 1:1 devices. Devices used for Behaviour Management.Teacher directed use of 1:1 class sets. Devices not used for Behaviour Management.Student/teachers negotiate use of 1:1. Devices have some level of student ownership.Student initiated and self-managed participation in 1:1 program. Devices considered mandatory for personal learning.
1:1 Online InteractionProvide opportunities for communication and collaboration in school.Provide opportunities for communication and collaboration nationally.Provide opportunities for communication and collaboration nationally.Engage with others in global and virtual communities.
Professional Learning1:1 Professional Learning1:1 professional learning unplanned1:1 professional learning focusses on devicesSome 1:1 targeted professional learning focussed on pedagogy1:1 PLC’s developed. Teachers coaching and supporting peers. Use of a pedagogical framework to support teachers.