1:1 CiMS, Visit 1

Consult to connect, contextualise & clarify to understand

Build relationships and inspire

On March 6th 2013 iDigital consulting (IDC) visited Sekolah Vokasional Wasan, to introduce the 1:1 CiMS project to school leaders and teachers. In addition, the visit began the ‘consult to connect’ and ‘contextualise & clarify to understand’ steps of IDC’s Emergent Technologies in School (ETiS™) change management process.

Visit focus

  1. Introduce IDC’s international consulting team to key school personnel — including teachers, students, the school leadership team and members of the school parent community.
  2. Provide an opportunity for the IDC team to investigate school facilities, including classrooms and school areas, that will be involved in the Information Technology (IT) upgrade and possible refurbishment — from both a logistical and current teacher practice perspective.
  3. Build an understanding of the 1:1 CiMS Project through a short presentation from IDC outlining the 1:1 CiMS project timeline, expectations and key activities.
  4. Share Sekolah Vokasional Wasan’s Mission, Vision, Priorities, school organisation, strengths and aspirations.
  5. Provide an opportunity for Sekolah Vokasional Wasan to ask and resolve questions about the project.

1:1 CiMS, Visit 2

Contextualize to understand

Build relationships and inspire

Following visit 1, Sekolah Vokasional Wasan selected a 1:1 CiMS leadership team, a 1:1 CiMS teacher team and the following classes to participate in the 1:1 CiMS project — Certificate III and Diploma of Agriculture and Fisheries.

  • svw.leadership
  • svw.teachers

Leadership involved with the 1:1 CiMS project:

Saiful Rizal bin Hj MaraliPrincipal
Loretta Lim Ai LayDeputy Principal
Fely Feleny bin Hj HussinICT Manager
Zaitunah binti Hj KurusDeputy Principal

1:1 CiMS teachers involved with the 1:1 CiMS project:

Dr Liew Shin MinFisheries Department
Hj Ahmad Faiz Hj Abdul RahimFisheries Department
Sumardi bin Hj Abdul HamidFisheries Department
Muhammad Haikal Hakim bin Haji LatipFisheries Department
Hjh Maznah Hj AbdullahAgriculture Department
Dr Shahid Shaik HaneefAgriculture Department
Mohd Farhan bin Hj Omar AliAgriculture Department
Rumlee bin Haji Abdul HamidAgriculture Department

Visit focus

  • To continue to build relationships between school leaders, teachers and IDC consultants
  • Commencement of the 1:1 CiMS professional learning program for the school leadership team
  • Delivery of an inspiration lesson by IDC consultants
  • Teachers analyse the school readiness data
  • Teachers engage with the reform and take first steps towards developing a 21st century teaching & learning classroom environment

1:1 CiMS, Visit 3

Contextualize to understand and Conceptualise to see possibilities

Build relationships and inspire

April 24 2013, IDC consultants visited Sekolah Vokasional Wasan to continue to build relationships between IDC consultants, school leaders and teachers, to further explore the importance of learning spaces and to inspire the teachers and students with an example of 21st century teaching & learning with digital technologies.

Visit focus

  • To meet with school principal to share and discuss, school events for term 3, 2013, IDC consultant’s visit schedule and set up a collaborative online calendar — shared with Sekolah Vokasional Wasan leadership team, Ministry of Education (MOE) project officials and IDC consultants.
  • To interview teachers and students, gather examples of student timetables and photograph existing classrooms learning spaces.
  • To map existing student learning environment.
  • To develop a baseline summary of what, where, when and how students within the 1:1 CiMS focus groups learn.
  • To deliver an inspiration lesson (which integrated 1:1 devices and 21st century pedagogies) for 1:1 CiMS teachers to observe.
  • To provide time for 1:1 CiMS teachers to reflect and discuss the impact of the inspiration lesson on student engagement and quality of learning.

1:1 CiMS Teacher Professional Learning Workshop

Conceptualise to see possibilities

Building 1:1 technology skills

On June 3 & 4, 2013, 8 teachers from Sekolah Vokasional Wasan participated in the first 1:1 Computing in Model Schools teacher professional learning workshop, conducted at the Radisson Ballroom (Bandar Seri Begawan).

Workshop focus

  1. Setting teachers up with the 1:1 devices and outlining the ongoing professional learning/support program for Term 3 & 4 2013 — Getting Started with 1:1 Technology and Devices.
  2. Exploring the Brunei 1:1 pedagogy model and the integration of 1:1 devices into teaching and learning programs.
  3. Exploring and planning for inclusion of 21st century learning environments.

Key workshop activities


  • received their 1:1 device and became familiar with their 1:1 device through a range of Collecting and Creating activities;
  • developed an understanding of the 1:1 CiMS project and the expectations on participating teachers;
  • explored the Brunei 1:1 pedagogy model through group work and active learning;
  • explored and set up a range of learning spaces; and
  • created a personal 1:1 learning action plan.

1:1 CiMS, Visit 4

Conceptualise to see possibilities

In school support — teacher’s device in action

Between July 8 and 11, the in-school support program commenced for the 1:1 CiMS teachers at Sekolah Vokasional Wasan. This professional learning focused on supporting the 1:1 CiMS teachers to take their first steps towards integrating 21st century learning environments, as explored in the workshop.

The process was scaffolded using these key questions.

  • What do want students to learn?
  • What will students do?
  • How will students learn?
  • How will the lesson be organised? How will the lesson be managed?
  • How did I go? What did I learn? What are my next steps?

Visit data

The post lesson/activity discussion revealed the 1:1 CiMS teachers were:

  • feeling more comfortable to use their iPad in the classroom as part of their lessons;
  • beginning to feel more confident to experiment with different learning designs, classroom management and classroom instructional strategies;
  • developing an understanding of how to incorporate their iPad into a lesson;
  • able to reflect on their lesson outcomes and consider ways of making improvements; and
  • beginning to enjoy the challenge this activity posed and were keen to:
    • make improvements to the design of their screencasts;
    • explore further ways to use 1 iPad in their lessons; and
    • share their screen casts with the leadership team.

1:1 CiMS, Visit 5

Collaborate to activate

In school support — class pod of devices in action

Between Monday 2nd and Wednesday the 4th September, visit 5 took place on site at Sekolah Vokasional Wasan. Visit 5 included a range of professional learning activities both during and after school over a 3 day period.

This visit followed the ‘learning by doing’ model, where, teachers were required to actively participate and try out a range of new strategies, apps and frameworks as part of their professional learning. They experienced learning as we hoped a student in their class might experience learning in the future as result of their 1:1 CiMS professional learning.

Visit focus

  • Supporting teachers to plan a lesson sequence (3-5 lessons) that incorporated:
    • a pod of devices (3-5)
    • selected 21st Century teaching and learning strategies and frameworks
    • selected apps for collecting and creating
    • selected collaborative strategies and processes
  • Building knowledge and understanding of 1:1 best practice
  • Identifying strategies for collecting evidence of student learning
  • Reflecting and feeding back on progress to date

Next steps… In preparation for visit 6

1:1 CiMS teachers were expected to have:

  • Planned and taught a sequence of lessons.
  • Documented evidence of teaching and student learning (a sample of photos/student work samples/photos)

1:1 CiMS, Visit 6

Consult to review

In school support — share and reflect

On October 19, 2013 visit 6 took place on site at Sekolah Vokasional Wasan. Visit 6 provided an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their learning and share the work they had been doing in class with their students.

Visit focus

  • Reconnecting & revisiting the requirements of the module
  • Participating in teacher interviews
  • Preparing evidence of teaching & learning with a pod of devices for collection by IDC

Teaching and learning materials to demonstrate progress and achievement — developing 1:1 technology skills — collected.

Visit tasks and activities

  • Organise and collate lesson sequence materials.
  • Review SMART goals and action plans — decide on next steps.
  • Contribute ideas towards a 1:1 CiMs help file — 10 Hot Tips for Getting Started with 1:1 Technology in the Brunei Classroom.
  • Complete Polldaddy feedback survey on the quality of professional learning and in-school/in-class support program.
  • Attend professional learning program award ceremony.